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Disabling Logs storage


Also known as Ghost logging this feature allows customers to change the standard logs retention time and disable sharing logs data.

It is essentially a combination of "1 day data retention" and disabling the ability to send logs.

Whenever a workflow is triggered it will generate logs for that particular run. An organisation by default will have a log retention period of 30 days - in both the workflow logs and They store this data to allow workflow steps to use previous step outputs and for replaying or re-running workflow executions as and when need be.

The data retention period of 30 days can be reduced to 1 day via an organisation wide setting. Note that the actual amount of time the logs are held is completely up you.

This will stop logs from being written into the server meaning they will not be visible in the workflow builder. However they will still be stored in for as long as the data retention setting for the organisation i.e. 30 days by default or 1 day.

Using this feature allows you to minimize the data that’s stored on Tray.

Generally this is used alongside logs streaming to the customer (which provides visibility on the workflow executions instead of in the builder itself).

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is automatically included when the HIPAA Compliance package is purchased and works for both Platform and Embedded customers.