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Intro to managing data

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The concept of managing data in is very important in helping you to make your data more manageable and to be able to efficiently exchange data between services.

This section will provide guidance on some key data management topics such as:

  • Tidying your data: you will frequently find that certain service connectors will return large reams of nested JSON output which will be tricky to get at. To pinpoint only the data that you need, you can use our Object Helpers connector or our Script connector. This is particularly important if you are wanting to pull in information on certain records from multiple services - all of which may return data in a complex nested format.

  • Manipulating your data: you will also often find that you will need to reformat data output from one service (such as date and timestamps) into an acceptable format before it is input to another service.

  • Converting data to another format: some services and webhooks send data in XML format. In order to make use of this with other connectors it will be necessary to convert this to manageable JSON format. For this purpose we have our XML Decoder. The Object Helpers JSON Parse operation can also be of assistance (it also has a JSON Stringify operation which help if you need to transform JSON output to simple string/text format)