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Updating Connector version

Connectors have different "versions" in Every time an update is made to a connector (i.e. every time we add new operations and functionality to a service or helper connector), a new version is created.

Updating your connector to the latest version will keep your workflows stable and allows you to get the latest connector functionality when building workflows.

IMPORTANT!: When connector updates are released, each instance of the connector you use ina workflow will not be automatically updated.

This is because there is a risk that it might break your workflow for one of the following reasons:

  • The authentication method (token-based, OAuth-based etc.) of the connector may have changed. Therefore it may be necessary to create a new authentication in order for the updated connector to work.

  • The names of operations may have changed. Therefore you will need to select the new operation with the required functionality

  • The operations may return results in different format, which would have an impact on the data you are extracting and moving between connectors

How to update the version of a connector

  1. Click the connector step that you want to edit


2. The connector properties panel will automatically display. In the bottom left corner the version will be displayed. Once selected a dropdown will appear. Pick the version you want to use. Note that we always recommend you use the latest one.


Incompatibility of different major versions

With some connectors, different major versions cannot be used together in the same workflow.

An example of this is the CSV Editor, where files created with a step using connector version 3.x can only be used by a step also set at version 3.x - and similarly for 2.x.

If you want to start using version 3.x in a workflow which has previously used 2.x, all CSV Editor steps will need set to 3.x. This will mean checking and testing the functionality of all steps which were previously set at 2.x.

From this point it should be that every time the workflow is triggered, all CSV Editor steps will be creating only 3.x-compatible output.