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Workflow step dependencies

This is a visual aid that provides a quick overview of the relationships between your workflow steps. 

There are three groups of relationships:

1. Step data source and destination relationship

Data source

This highlights the source data of the currently selected step. It means that the currently selected step is using data from that step through jsonpath data mapping.

Data destination

This highlights the steps that use data from the currently selected step.

2. Same storage key relationship

Same key

This means that the step is using the same data storage key as the currently selected step.

3. Break-loop belonging to a certain loop relationship

Break loop

This highlights the loop step associated with the currently selected break-loop step, and vice versa, it will highlight the break-loop step that is associated with the currently selected loop.


In the below example:

  • The step 'Filter events' uses data from the trigger 'Get events'

  • The data is then pumped to 'Set events in storage' and Loop events (in other words 'Set events in storage' and 'Loop events' use data from 'Filter events')

If we select another step from this workflow, 'Set events in storage', we see it uses the data from the 'Filter events' step.

Also, as a Storage step, it uses the same key as the 'Get events from storage' step (highlighted in green):

If we select another step, the 'Break Loop' step, the Loop associated with this break-loop step gets highlighted in yellow.

This means that this is the Loop that will be exited when the Break Loop step will be encountered: