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Zoom makes video and web conferencing frictionless.


The Zoom connector on allows you to interact with the data in your Zoom account in any way you choose.


Before being able to use the Zoom connector, authentication will need to be created. To do so, add the Zoom connector to the workflow and hit the New Authentication button found in the input panel.

The next window provides you the opportunity to name the authentication as well as displaying the scopes that will be requested. Once you have named the authentication and chosen scopes are ticked, press the Add authentication button.


Example 1 - List meetings

To use this operation, select the List meetings operation in the input panel. Select the user ID from the drop down menu. You also have the option to select the meeting type to filter the meetings. Once you have provided the input fields as required click the Run workflow button.


Example 2 - Get webinar report

To use this operation, select the Get webinar report operation in the input panel. This operation allows you to retrieve a detail report for a specific webinar. Add the webinar ID that you would like to retrieve and click Run workflow button. You can find a list of webinar IDs by using the List webinar operation.


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