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Shared static IP

For certain services, you can whitelist the shared static IPs, so that you are not opening your database to the world (as per the docs pages, this is available for the following connectors: LDAP, Snowflake, MS SQL, Mongo DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift)

This is the simplest on-premise deployment option.

For all of the following connectors, has a list of public static IPs:

LDAP, Snowflake, MS SQL, Mongo DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redshift

The static IPs, as per the above diagram, are:


So, rather than opening your databases to the world, you can whitelist these IPs with your firewall to ensure that you are only accepting communications from and can then forward them to the correct ports for your on-prem databases.

Basic required info

Customer Name
Geographic locationThe region in which your network is located
We will locate the VPC in a region that is optimal in terms of latency when connecting
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