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Manage accounts

A great thing about the Organizations feature is that it makes it possible to add multiple accounts under the same user profile.

This means that if you have more than one account you can be signed into multiple accounts at once. That way you can switch between accounts without signing out and back in repeatedly.

This can be useful if your accounts have separate account settings, access levels or different use cases.

The email addresses you can use are not limited to aliases so you could add if you wanted to.

In fact you can add accounts in any way you wish to help you achieve your aims. Below shows an example of a user using email aliases to work in different departments (documentation and main).

As a user you could use email alias' to separate sales, marketing, support, etc:


To further the example as a user you may have the following emails to deal with the above departments, all signed in at once:

Or if you are an international organization wanting to manage by region you could use something like this:

How to manage multiple accounts

The procedure for working with multiple accounts is as follows:

  • Any accounts you wish to add to your list must be added by an Orgnanization Owner or Admin access level team member.

  • Invites received need to then be accepted and a password created for each account.

  • Once logged in under your Profile click on Add new account

Group 6
  • You will then be redirected to the URL where you can login with any created account.


IMPORTANT!: Remember that you are not creating an account here. You can only log into accounts that have already been created by an Owner or Admin.

  • Once logged in you should be able to switch between your different accounts, through your user profile drop-down options and create and manage your workflows accordingly:


Important notes on using Multiple Organizations

  • You will log back into whichever account you were last using when you return to the platform.

  • When you log out of one account, you will automatically be logged out of all accounts. This means will have to re-add your accounts when logging back in.

  • Note that it is possible for multiple people within your organization, to add the same account to their list. For example, several people may need to switch to the account.

  • You cannot be logged into multiple accounts across different tabs. When you refresh your browser window, you will remain in the last logged in account.

  • It is possible to use the 'forgot password' flow when adding new accounts.