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Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform. (updated: 1657717486254)


Accelerate growth with a full suite of solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals.


With the most advanced solutions for user-generated content marketing, referrals, and loyalty programs, Yotpo helps brands accelerate growth by enabling advocacy and maximizing customer lifetime value. With Yotpo, brands can effectively leverage social proof to increase trust and sales, cultivate loyal customer advocates, and make better business decisions based on customer feedback.


When using the Yotpo connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:


Ensure you correctly add your Yotpo credentials correctly otherwise operations will not be able to be ran correctly.


Available Operations

The examples below show one or two of the available connector operations in use.

Please see the Full Operations Reference at the end of this page for details on all available operations for this connector.


  1. Create a new workflow with a Manual Trigger and add a Yotpo connector.

  1. Select the Unsubscribe emails:

  1. In the Input panel add email to Email list which you want to unsubscribe. (You can unsubscribe few emails at the same time):

  1. Click Run Workflow Now. Then select the Debug tab and you should be able to see a successful run of the workflow to click on and view the successful output of the workflow run:


All Operations

Latest version:


Create mass products

Mass create new products, groups, and tags within your product catalog.

Create order

Create an order within the Yotpo System.

Invalidate order

Invalidate order to prevent Yotpo from sending out automatic review requests for a specific order and product.

List orders

Retrieves orders from the Yotpo System.

List products

Retrieves a list of all of your store's products.

List unsubscribers

Retrieve a List of Unsubscribers.

Raw HTTP request (advanced)

Perform a raw HTTP request with some pre-configuration and processing by the connector, such as authentication.

Resubscribe emails

Re-add email addresses to email distribution lists.

Unsubscribe emails

Remove a set of email addresses from email distribution lists.

Update mass products

Mass update new products, groups, and tags within your product catalog.