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Accounting software.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit.

QuickBooks templates

Please note that we have the following QuickBooks templates available:

These will give you pre-configured best practice ways of working with QuickBooks and integrating it with other connectors.

However, please continue to at least read the Authentication setup instructions on this page to enable you to get started with using QuickBooks.


When using the QuickBooks connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:


You will need to select either the Development or Production environment, then click Next and allow Tray to connect to your company.

Important note on authentication

IMPORTANT!: Please note that, as of December 17 2019, QuickBooks will be deprecatingthe use of OAuth 1.0 for all connected apps, to be replaced by OAuth 2.0.

To allow for this, we have created a version 2.0 of the QuickBooks connector, which connects to QuickBooks using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

All new workflows which make use of the QuickBooks connector will automatically use version 2.0.

However, some old workflows will still be using version 1.0, and will need to be upgraded.

To do this you can click on 'Show advanced properties' on any QuickBooks connector step and scroll back up to set the connector version:


To complete the upgrade you will need to re-authenticate by clicking on 'New Authentication' and re-entering your QuickBooks login details.

Note, however, that it is recommended that you first of all test your QuickBooks operations in a separate workflow to make sure they work as expected in terms of data being returned and so you can be absolutely certain that the upgrade will not break your live workflows.

All Operations

Latest version:


Create account

Create an account.

Create bill

Create a bill.

Create customer

Create a customer.

Create employee

Create an employee.

Create invoice

Create an invoice.

Create purchase

Create a purchase.

Create time activity

Create a time activity

Create transfer

Create a new transfer.

Create vendor

Create a vendor

Delete purchase

Delete a purchase.

Delete time activity

Delete a Time Activity.

Delete transfer

Delete a transfer.

Get account

Get account details by ID.

Get bill

Get bill details by ID.

Get class

Get class details by ID.

Get credit memo

Get credit memo details by ID.

Get credit memo as PDF

Get a credit memo as a PDF document.

Get customer

Get customer details by ID.

Get department

Get department details by ID.

Get employee

Get employee details by ID.

Get invoice

Get invoice details by ID.

Get payment

Get a payment by ID.

Get payment method

Get payment method details by ID.

Get purchase

Get purchase details by ID.

Get tax code

Get tax code details by ID.

Get term

Get term details by ID.

Get time activity

Get time activity details by ID.

Get transfer

Get transfer details by ID.

Get vendor

Get vendor details by ID.

List accounts

List all accounts in your company.

List accounts DDL

List bills

List all bills in your company.

List classes

List all classes in your company.

List classes DDL

List credit memos

List all credit memos in your company.

List credit memos DDL

List customers

List all customers in your company.

List departments

List all departments in your company.

List departments DDL

List discount accounts DDL

List employees

List all employees in your company.

List entities DDL

List invoices

List all invoices in your company.

List items

List all items in your company.

List items DDL

List payment methods

List all payment methods in your company.

List payment methods DDL

List payments

List all payments in your company, from a given date.

List purchases

List all purchases in your company.

List tax codes

List all tax codes in your company.

List tax codes DDL

List tax rates

List all tax rates in your company.

List tax rates DDL

List terms

List all terms in your company.

List terms DDL

List time activities

List all time activites in your company.

List transfers

List all transfers in your company.

List vendors

List all vendors in your company.

Raw HTTP request (advanced)

Perform a raw HTTP request with some pre-configuration and processing by the connector, such as authentication.

Run query

Run a custom SQL query.

Update bill

Update a bill.

Update customer (sparse)

Update a customer's details.

Update employee

Update a employee's details.

Update invoice

Update an invoice.

Update purchase

Update a purchase.

Update time activity

Update a time activity

Update transfer

Update a transfer by its ID.

Update vendor

Update a vendor's details.