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ProdPad is product management software that helps product managers develop product strategy. (updated: 1642437149871)


The ProdPad connector allows you to manage ideas in ProdPad.



When using the ProdPad connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:

New Authentication

On the following page enter the API key for your account, which you can find at

API Key Box


In this example we will create a new idea, retrieve different properties from the idea and then change the status of the idea.

The first step is to create a workflow with a Manual Trigger, and then add our first operation from the ProdPad connector, which is the Create idea operation. In the input panel, you can input the following as an example:

  • Title: "New idea"

  • Description: "New sample idea"

  • Creator: [Select one from the dropdown]

  • Business case:

  • Problem: "Problem to solve"

  • Value: "Solving this problem brings great value"

  • Functional: "Functional"

  • Notes: "Notes"

  • User stories: [Add Story with Story: "User Story"; Acceptance criteria: "Acceptance criteria"]

  • Comments: [Add Comment with Comment: "Comment to be assigned to user"; User ID: [Select one from the dropdown]]

  • Products: [Add Product with Product: [Select one from the dropdown]]

  • Personas: [Add Persona with Persona: [Select one from the dropdown]]

  • Tags: [Add Tag with Tag: [Select one from the dropdown]]

  • External links: [Add Link with External ID: 1, Title: "External URL", URL: ""]

  • Status: [Select one from the dropdown. We choose "Queued for Dev" for the purpose of this example]

  • State: [Select one from the dropdown]:

Input panel

Next we use the List user stories operation to retrieve the user stories we have associated with the idea. We set the Idea ID to the ID returned by the Create idea operation and in the output we see the user story/ stories we assigned to the idea when we created it:

Assign Idea ID

We can do the same for the Comments, using the List comments operation and we retrieve the comment(s) we assigned to the idea in the previous step.

Next, we use the Update idea status operation to change the status of the idea. We set the Idea parameter to the ID returned by the Create idea operation, we set the Status parameter to a different value than what we assigned initially, for example "in Development". We select a user from the dropdown, and write a comment. The output will show the ID of the new status as well as the comment we have assigned to the status update:

Example output

Finally, we use the Get idea operation to retrieve the entirety of the idea we generated in the second step of the workflow (Create idea). We tick the Expand parameter to retrieve the complete contents of the idea:

Expand parameter ticked

All Operations

Latest version:


Create company

Create a new company in the account.

Create contact

Create a new contact in the account.

Create vote

Add a yay, nay or maybe thought on an idea in ProdPad along with a comment.

Get user

Retrieve the details on the user and their role by ID.

List companies

Retrieve a list of companies in the account.

List companies DDL

List contacts

Retrieve a list of contacts associated to an account.

List contacts DDL

List feedbacks

Retrieve a list of feedback which can be a straight list or grouped by contact using the group_by parameter.

List ideas

Return a list of ideas that match any supplied filter criteria.

List ideas DDL

List job roles DDL

List personas DDL

List personas name DDL

List products DDL

List status name DDL

List tags DDL

List users

Retrieve a list of users in the account.

List users DDL

Raw HTTP request (advanced)

Perform a raw HTTP request with some pre-configuration and processing by the connector, such as authentication.

Update company

Update a company.

Update contact

Update a contact.