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The world's most advanced open source SQL database. (updated: 1657720594436)


The Postgres connector allows you to query your Postgres database directly within, without having to worry about data pipelines or servers.


Connecting to your Postgres instance

To allow to connect to your Postgres database, you'll need to either make your database publicly accessible or you can white list ALL of the following static IP addresses for access:




Note: it is extremely important that your Postgres database is only accessible with a strong username and password combination when white listing these IP addresses, as they will be used by anyone using the connector in a Tray workflow.

All Operations

Latest version:


Count rows

Counts the number of rows that meet a given set of conditions.

Delete rows

Find rows

Insert new rows

List table fields DDL

List tables DDL

Run SQL query

Execute the specified SQL code on the chosen database

Update rows