Faster workflow editor, better logs, 11 new connectors + flows

New Release
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We’re excited to release this set of product enhancements and new connectors, to help you transform your business with integrations.

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Workflow Editor Upgrade

After months of hard work we’re delighted to have rolled out a huge improvement to the Workflow Editor. Whilst a lot of the improvements are under the hood, you’ll now benefit from a much faster, smoother experience. We’ve re-engineered the graph which supports connector combinations within the editor (especially important for those building workflows with 50+ steps).

You’ll also see some UI improvements: Workflow Status, Stop/Start and Workflow URL can now be found on the bottom navigation bar.

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Better Logs

Understanding the data flowing through a workflow is one of the most important parts of building on tray. We've made it faster and simpler to see the data flow in real-time, so you can find that all important nugget of info.

Logs are now ordered based on the most recent event, with a few clicks you get a much deeper view of the data within a single view (as opposed to the many steps required before).

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New Connectors

Google Sheets - Create and edit Spreadsheets online, for free.

Postmates - On-Demand delivery service

Segment - Analytics API and customer data hub

Airtable - A modern database created for everyone

GoSquared - Real-time analytics and CRM for your users, visitors and customers.

Base - Intelligent CRM & All-in-one Sales platform

Data storage - Persist data like "last sync time", or "users synced" for use later in your workflow

Manual trigger - Run your workflow just once. Hit the "run workflow" button in the workflow editor

CSV to JSON - Easily convert CSV file data into usable JSON for the workflow

Notifier - Send a notification email to yourself

Urban Airship - Urban Airship provides leading brands with a market-leading mobile engagement platform

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