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Demandbase is an account based Marketing (ABM) platform for business-to-business (B2B) companies.


Demandbase is a platform that helps B2B companies advertise online more effectively, enabling them to identify targets and personalise their marketing. Marketers can target online ads to companies that fit pre-determined criteria based on attributes and metrics like industry, revenue, customer status, or products purchased.


To begin using the connector, add a step in a workflow, and click 'New authentication' in the step editor:


In the new pop-up window that appears, name your authentication appropriately.

As you will be able to see, authenticating the Demandbase connector requires your Demandbase 'API Key'.

Insert said API Key into the field displayed:


Once this is complete, click 'Add authentication' and you will then be set up and ready to go.

Basic Operations List

Full list of operations can be found HERE

  • Find company by domain
  • Find company by IP

Example usage

In this brief example we will show how you can use the Demandbase connector to find your company domain.

As this is a simple connector, there will only be one step needed:

  1. Add your trigger and include a Demandbase connector step

Setup trigger & add domain settings

Once you have created and named your new workflow, select 'Manual Trigger' from the connectors panel on the left, and add a 'Demandbase' connector in your second step.

Set the operation to 'Find company by domain'.

For example, searching for


This will return information about Google and its parent company (Alphabet) including the location of their global headquarters, revenue range, industry, traffic, and more.

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