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Overview's Organizations feature gives people the power to collaborate across projects, teams and departments.

This means that both workflows and authentications can be shared and worked on separately in order to achieve the same goal.

When workflows are moved into an Organization they can be searched, found and edited by the organization team members.

While all team members of your organization will have access to the "Organization workspace", their account access level will stipulate how much they can contribute.

Important notes on Organizations

  • We strongly recommend that every member of your Organization is not given Admin level access. This should be reserved for the highest contributors only.

  • If you wish to share certain "organizational assets" (workflows and authentications) with only a few members of your current Organization, we strongly recommend creating an additional shared workspace.

  • Callable workflows can be used, provided they are part of the same organization.

  • The original creator will remain clear even if there are several team members working on an individual workflow.