Google Sheets


The Google Sheets connector allows you to send & retrieve data from any of the Google Sheets in your account.


Operation Description
Add row Add a row to a Google Sheet.
Count total active rows Get a count of the total number of rows with data in them. For example, if a sheet has 1,000 rows, but only 5 have values in, then "5" will be returned.
Find row Find a row in a spreadsheet, given one or more conditions that should be matched.
Get cell values Get values from a cell range in a spreadsheet.
Get letter from column number Given a column number, e.g. "3", return the letter that corresponds to that column - "C" in this case.
Get number from column letter Given a column letter, e.g. "C", return the number that corresponds to that column - "3" in this case.
Get rows data Get data for every row between a min & max row value. Also returns title row data.
Get single row data Get data for a single row in your sheet.
Get spreadsheet details Get details about a spreadsheet, including information about it's worksheets.
List all spreadsheets Request a feed containing a list of the currently authenticated user's spreadsheets
Set cell value Set the value of an individual cell in a Google Sheet.
Update row Update a row in a sheet

Set up your Google Sheet to work with

To use your Google Sheet with, you'll need to set up your Sheet to work in a specific way:

  1. The first row must have column headers in for each of the columns you'd like to use in Tray
  2. There can be no completely blank rows in your spreadsheet (you'll need to delete any blank rows, as Google creates sheets with default 1,000 rows)
  3. The row values in your sheet should be in rows 2, 3, 4.... etc
Last updated 18th April 2017