The Tray Platform gives you the ultimate flexibility and scalablilty

Gain flexibility to make anything possible

Like snowflakes, no two processes are alike. They deserve the flexibility of the Tray Platform, which lets you configure the most complex workflows, integrate any application, and add customized logic for strategic competitive advantage.

The Tray Platform gives us speed, agility, visibility, and cost savings. And better yet, it lets us be proactive with our marketing in a way that we couldn’t before. It has become a core part of our marketing infrastructure.

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David Dorman, Director of Growth and Demand Generation, DigitalOcean
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Make a deep connection with any web service

Grab the most data from any service with ease.

  • connect with

    Connect to any SaaS app with our universal connector

    If your app has a RESTful API (and most do), we can connect to it.

  • full api access with tray

    Full API access - including custom fields

    Find every last bit of data, including custom fields. Leave no data behind.

  • connect fast

    Connect wickedly fast with pre-built connectors

    Sync to any Cloud app on our growing list of connectors.

    See all connectors >
  • automation-templates

    Don’t interrupt! Flow well with connector versioning

    Prevent a lapse if an API ever changes with the Tray Platform's unique approach.

With the Tray platform you can connect any web service

What’s your first move? Authenticate securely, quickly.

Before you integrate, you must authenticate. Get secure access fast.


Authenticate any API

Credentials, Tokens, OAuth. No problem.

Read our docs >

Control permissions

Control permission scopes

Manage access to certain parts of your apps’ API with check boxes.

Efficiently manage everything in one place on the Tray Platform

Take a shortcut with the Tray Platform's API credential keychain

Manage access to all of your cloud apps in a central space.

Manage your team

One tool: multiple authentications

Access several accounts for the same tool or for sandbox and production.

multiple authentications

Multiple authentications per workflow

Build complex workflows that access multiple accounts.

Automate any event

The Tray Platform triggers “listen” for events in your apps, then create workflow automations.

  • Saas-Services

    SaaS Service

    Events from your Cloud app proactively send out a signal to the Tray Platform when data changes.

  • webhook


    If you need the extra flexibility you can trigger workflows using a unique Webhook URL.

  • Form-triggers

    Form Triggers

    Create custom web forms and trigger your workflows upon their submission.

  • Email-trigger

    Email Triggers

    Send a simple email to trigger your workflows

  • Manual-triggers

    Manual Triggers

    Test your workflow at your own convenience.

  • Scheduled-trigger


    Grab data from a service at a specified time or interval.

  • callable-triggers

    Callable Triggers

    Callable triggers break up a workflow and call them from another workflow.

Make anything happen.

See in action.


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