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As Tray CEO Rich Waldron recently said in his interview “Intelligent Automation: A Conversation with Tray.io”, “The face of iPaaS is changing. It’s not just about connecting the pieces; it’s about building on top of them and using them as a core to speed up the way your business performs.” The path to the autonomous enterprise starts at Tray.

Tray Megacast

The path to the autonomous enterprise

The modern enterprise is at an inflection point. Integrating AI into systems and processes in a governable and scalable way will define the next decade of business outcomes.

Transformational leaders will be able to infuse intelligence into every business process to make them better, create new business processes faster, and proactively improve every aspect of business performance using AI.

February 27, 2024

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM UTC

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  • Explore why iPaaS is the foundation for your enterprise-wide AI strategy

  • Understand Tray's AI-powered, multi-experience iPaaS designed for developers, business technologists, and front-line employees

  • Hear about exciting new product announcements that will put you and your organization on the path to the autonomous enterprise today.



Rich Waldron, Co-founder & CEO

Rich Waldron

Co-founder & CEO

Image of Tray.io CTO, Ali Russell

Alistair Russell

Co-founder & CTO

Alex K

Alex Kohlhofer

Sr. Director, Head of Product Management