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Join our weekly demo to see what a low-code General Automation Platform can do for your business!

Learn how business users in every function build powerful automated processes and integrate their stack with a low-code platform.

Each week we’ll cover new use cases to help every function including Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, RevOps, IT, Business Technology, Customer Support, HR, and more.

Recent topics include:

  • Auto-route leads to sales error-free

  • Sync customer data from multiple CRM instances

  • Churn prevention

  • Deal desk routing and approvals, and more.

Learn how to drive more revenue, leads, and productivity with the Tray Platform.

See how leading global brands such as, SAP, VMWare, Segment, Udemy, AdRoll, FICO, and more use the Tray Platform to do more, faster.

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We believe that any business professional should be able to easily connect their entire cloud software stack and automate complex processes in order to scale their growth.

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