Orchestrated ABM to grow customer LTV

Improve ABM strategy with automation

Learn how Demandbase grows ABM revenue by optimizing its funnel with automation.

John Dering

John Dering

Sr. Director ABM Technology + Strategy Demandbase

Alex Ortiz

Alex Ortiz

VP Marketing Tray.io

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Is your organization dynamically and holistically targeting strategic accounts across your funnel at every stage? Join Demandbase’s senior director of ABM Technology and Strategy John Dering and Tray.io VP of Marketing Alex Ortiz to learn how Demandbase is democratizing ABM with a worldwide certification program (that’s now free of charge) in this on-demand presentation from Sirius Decisions Virtual Summit.

Now that more companies are adopting ABM than ever, learn how your team can implement some of the most important difference-makers in the field: personalization, data governance, and orchestration. This session will explain exactly how incorporating automation and API integrations into your campaign strategy will empower your team to stop wasting cycles on manual labor and start focusing on strategy and execution to properly target prospects at any point in their journeys, drive higher efficiency, and win more deals.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to automation drives more conversions and closed-won deals

  • About today’s ABM orchestration and scoring challenge

  • How API integrations enable total control of mission-critical revenue data

  • How smart orchestration drives a more-personalized experience

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