Real-World RevOps: Automate Lead Routing + Segmentation

50 min.

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Kyle Stanten

Customer Success Manager

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Zack Blois

Director of Revenue Technology & Analytics Jellyvision

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Research shows that following up with leads faster makes you 700% more likely to qualify them.

Learn how Jellyvision revenue operations leader Zack Blois cut down lead follow-up time from 30 minutes to just 10 using a strategy that combines marketing operations software with a General Automation Platform to segment and route leads in just a fraction of the time.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Easily integrate your revenue stack without the need for IT resources

  • Enable revenue teams to close operational gaps and field internal requests faster

  • Automate key revenue processes such as lead-to-account matching and lead routing

  • Follow-up 3x faster to speed up the sales cycle and enable sales to win more symbol the motis


We believe that any business professional should be able to easily connect their entire cloud software stack and automate complex processes in order to scale their growth.