Orchestration is the key

Realize ABM’s potential in 2020

45 min.

Kerry Cunningham Picture

Kerry Cunningham

VP, Principal Analyst SiriusDecisions

Vicki Brown picture

Vicki Brown

VP, Principal Analyst SiriusDecisions

Alex Ortiz headshot

Alex Ortiz

VP Marketing Tray.io

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Marketing budgets are shrinking, but you need to truly drive leads and grow pipeline as efficiently as possible. While most marketers have been taught to think more new leads are the key to growth, focusing on net-new leads is inefficient and doesn’t engage the buying group - the most important audience in your ABM funnel.

B2B purchases involve three or more decision-makers, but most companies struggle to adapt their lead enrichment, routing, and scoring processes for in-market buying groups, resulting in lost revenue.

Because legacy systems were built to support the lead-centric, inbound funnels of the past, marketers fail to realize the full potential of ABM because of the real problem: orchestration.

Join our guests, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Kerry Cunningham, Principal Analyst Vicki Brown, and Tray.io’s VP of Marketing, Alex Ortiz to learn how to master orchestration by building and executing your ideal ABM stack.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Why are marketers struggling to embrace buying groups in ABM?

  • Process and technology: What systems, processes, and data are required to orchestrate ABM campaigns at scale?

  • How tech companies like Demandbase, Jellyvision, and Outreach are bridging the gaps in ABM using automation.

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