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Business professionals that want to integrate Slack with the software tools that they use every day love that Tray’s Platform gives them the power to sync all data, connect deeply into apps, and configure flexible workflows—no dev required.

  • Integrate with any app with our unique Universal Connector

  • Easily use our drag-and-drop workflow builder

  • Receive hands-on support for ensured success

Powerful, yet intuitive

Unlike other iPaaS vendors, our modern, 100% visual workflow builder makes integrations simple to use for any business user in any function, yet powerful and flexible enough to include branching, conditionals, looping, and triggers. Build quickly with clicks-or-code.

Connect everything faster than you imagined

Easily connect to any service you need with hundreds of connectors to connect  sales, marketing, financials apps, databases, and files. Go even further with our powerful Universal Connector, which integrates bi-directionally with any web API.

One dynamically scalable platform, for every use case

What is iPaaS’s greatest advantage? Scale. The Tray Platform dynamically scales up or down for real-time, high-throughput workflows for application integration. Schedule bulk high-volume integrations for populating your cloud data warehouse, and integrate your tech stack to drive more efficiency and take full ownership of your data.



Connection Type

Service connector Tray Connector


On action (button or menu click)

On Slack event

On link share

On slash command


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By connecting our growth stack, we personalized messaging at scale for hundreds of thousands of customers and doubled our engagement rates.

Niels Fogt Senior Director Growth

Automation Templates

Copper logoSlack logo

When Copper Opportunities Are Created or Change Stage, Notify via Slack

Salesforce logoSlack logo

Send Slack Notification when new Objects Are Created in Salesforce

The Tray Platform has connectors for IntercomSlack logo

Send Notifications via Slack when Support Tickets Are Forgotten in Intercom

Salesforce logoSlack logo

When Salesforce Opportunities Are Created or Change Stage, Notify via Slack

Salesforce logoSlack logo

Create new Slack channels when Accounts in Salesforce Are Created

Salesforce logoSlack logo

Notify Sales Reps in Slack when New Leads in Salesforce are Assigned

Slack logo

Send a Basic Message via Slack

Zuora logoSlack logo

Create Slack Notifications for Zuora Events

Salesforce logoSlack logo

Notify in Slack when new Salesforce leads are created

Make anything happen.

The Tray Platform is...


Connect to anything

Access every endpoint

Automate any event


Visual and intuitive UX

Clicks-or-code automation

Collaborative development


Logical operators

Advanced capabilities

Real-time logs


Logical operators

Advanced capabilities

Real-time logs



Built-in 2FA + full encryption

Role-based access