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Maximize your ROI with the Tray Platform

At Tray.io, we care deeply about the success of our customers. That’s why all of our success plans are designed to ensure that every customer has access to support, guidance, and education from our experts. For customers who need more personalized consulting and faster SLAs, our Premium and Supreme Success Plans are great options to help you maximize your investment in automation, fast.

Success Plans

Connect your SaaS services with Tray



  • Guides and documentation


  • Getting started training


  • Online case submission
  • Response in 2 business days
  • System critical alerting
The Tray platform has callable triggers



  • Collaborative development support and advice for 2-hours a quarter


  • Instructor-led virtual training


  • Screen sharing
  • Product support response time of 2-business days
  • System support initial response time by case severity level:
  • Severity 1: 4-hours
  • Severity 2: 16-hours
  • Severity 3: 24-hours
  • Severity 4: 36-hours
Tray.io's professional package is custom and tailored to you



  • Named Solutions Architect
  • Guidance and architecture support for 8-hours a quarter


  • Custom training options


  • Dedicated Slack support channel
  • Screen sharing
  • Response time of 1-business day
  • System support initial response time by case severity level:
  • Severity 1: 1-hour
  • Severity 2: 3-hours
  • Severity 3: 12-hours
  • Severity 4: 24-hours
Tray integrates and automates your cloud stack

The Details


Exclusive access to success programs and 1:1 engagements through programs and success managers to provide you with best practices, adoption strategies, proactive recommendations, and release readiness.


Read step-by-step instructions and tips in our knowledge base to guide you along the way.

Success Communities

Get access to the Tray.io community to exchange ideas and tips and tricks with users and experts on the Tray Platform.  

Named Solutions Architect

Work with a pro that knows you and your organization’s needs. With this consistent relationship, you’ll get advice that is uniquely tailored to you.

Tray Academy access

Self-paced training via online tutorials with videos, gifs, and step-by-step instruction with Tray.io automation experts.

Virtual Consulting

Build your dream automation with expert advice and design reviews from our solutions architecture team.

Product Support

Whether you have technical issues, how-to questions our technical specialists provide you expert answers.

Severity Level Definitions

Severity 1: Critical - Production issue affecting all users; system unavailability; data integrity issues

Severity 2: Urgent - Persistent issue affecting many users; major functionality is impacted; significant performance degradation

Severity 3: High - System performance issue or bug affecting some but not all users

Severity 4: Medium - Inquiries about routine technical issues; information requests on application capabilities, navigation, installation, or configuration

System critical alerting

24-hour monitoring of all critical systems events. Includes uptime monitoring and proactive alerts on the performance of your workflows.

Will an expert on the Tray Platform build my workflows for me as part of a success plan?

If you require turnkey automation of processes we would recommend looking into Tray.io Professional Services. Success Plans are designed to provide guidance and assistance to customers who want to become experts in automating workflows.


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