Become a strategic SEO leader by automating manual tasks

Use automation and integrations to execute SEO tactics and strategies faster with less effort. Drive actionable insights to increase traffic and conversions.

integrate your processes with the tray platform

Execute the best SEO tactics faster and more efficiently with the Tray Platform

Use the latest automation to take the manual effort out of SEO tasks, so you can focus on driving the best SEO tactics.

Spend less time on link building, redirect mapping, or any other SEO task, by quickly building visual automations that do the work for you.

Power up your SEO reporting by automatically integrating data from all your apps and metrics into a consolidated set of reports.

Run smarter by automating alerting, testing, and competitive analysis.

With our systems connected via the Tray Platform, we’ve been able to use and see our data much more easily.

Caryn Ryan - Senior Consumer Marketing Manager

Focus on SEO tactics. Put manual tasks on cruise control.

The Tray Platform takes the manual effort out of onerous SEO tasks, like 301 redirect mapping, link building, bulk checking AMP pages, metadata optimizations, and even auto-creating alerts based on anomalies. Connect to your apps, schedule or set triggers, and automatically run sophisticated business logic that does the work for you.

Upgrade and automate reporting for smarter SEO insights

Spend more time analyzing and optimizing, and less time copying and pasting data. Connect and combine data from all your SEO apps and data sources automatically for instant, unified SEO reporting on website visits, search volume, keyword rankings, URL rankings, SERP results, backlinks, and competitive intel.

Get visual automation to drive the best SEO tactics at scale

Utilize our easy-to-use, clicks-or-code interface and get starting building powerful automated SEO workflows in minutes. Easily incorporate flexible logic including if/then conditionals, loops, and branches. Create sophisticated, multi-step processes that give you complete control to automate any task so you can grow traffic and SEO rankings.