Marketing Operations

Become a strategic marketing operations leader with automation and marketing integrations

Automate the entire lead lifecycle, integrate your MarTech stack, and do more, faster

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Go beyond day-to-day tool and database management

Drive operational excellence by building marketing automation workflows that bridge the gaps in your tech stack. Build out marketing integrations and automated workflows that take the guesswork out of sales engagement and manage campaign execution details for you.

Make marketing workflow automation easy with a user-friendly, clicks-or-code UI that lets you centralize and automate the entire lead lifecycle. Orchestrate sophisticated processes including lead enrichment, lead scoring, and lead routing to manage new leads, nurture, marketing-qualified leads (MQL), and sales-accepted leads (SAL) in real time. Improve database health by enriching and cleansing leads instantly. Sync data across all your MarTech apps for easy, consolidated performance reporting.

This is the most powerful and flexible process management tool out there. Anytime you have a use case where two systems need to talk to each other; the Tray Platform is ideal.

Brendon Ritz, Senior Director of Marketing Ops at ThoughtSpot
Brendon Ritz - Marketing Operations Lead

Become a strategic marketing operations lead

The Tray Platform seamlessly integrates any MarTech app and lets you focus on driving speed, efficiency, and innovation.

  • Stop spending time struggling to get MarTech apps to talk to each other.

  • Automate any process by flowing data across your MarTech stack and solve your most pressing challenges juggling leads, accounts, and processes today.

  • Build ingenious automated workflows that help your company scale tomorrow.

Make any marketing process easy with lead management automation

The Tray Platform helps you do more, faster.

  • Use the Tray Platform to make lead uploads a breeze by using webhooks to instantly sync lead CSV lists with your marketing automation platform.

  • Make lead enrichment a snap by integrating your data enrichment provider to your MarTech stack, CRM, and event management software to instantly enrich fully-formed leads for faster follow-up.

Visual workflows for end-to-end lead management automation

  • Take full control of any marketing operations process by maximizing data quality, expediting lead flow, and achieving full campaign tracking.

  • Centrally automate your entire lead lifecycle: uploads, enrichment, scoring, qualification, routing/assignment, and follow-up.

  • Build sophisticated marketing automation workflows to fully integrate your stack with easy-to-use triggers, loops, and branches.

Unify your marketing automation platform plus any other tools

No more MarTech tool overload.

  • The Tray Platform connects all your apps and databases to trigger workflows from any event, form submission, email activity, or created or changed leads, then intelligently routes data anywhere.

  • Easily unify data from all your MarTech tools to report on database health, contact acquisition, email performance, and multi-touch attribution using built-in integrations and data transformation.

Integrate any MarTech tool fast. No hidden costs. No versioning maintenance.

The Tray Platform is different because every MarTech connector is included out of the box.

  • Immediately connect any apps for web tracking, CRM, email marketing, campaign management, content management, analytics, business intelligence, social media, advertising, sales engagement tools, collaboration and more.

  • Anything with a REST API is available to you from day one. Better yet, the Tray Platform handles connector versioning, which ensures each connector always works with the latest version of APIs for each of your cloud services.