Deliver marketing growth strategies 10x faster with the Tray Platform

Unshackle your growth marketing strategies with a general automation platform. Drive volume, conversion, and expansion programs—fast.

simplify your process with the tray platform

Go beyond one-off growth marketing solutions with instantly comprehensive connectivity and flexible drag-and-drop automation.

Growth marketing experts at leaders like DigitalOcean, Segment, and New Relic rely on the Tray Platform to drive retention and account growth. Accelerate all marketing growth strategies, from engagement to conversion, acquisition, activation, renewals, and expansion, yourself with clicks-or-code.

The Tray Platform provides a uniquely flexible, totally visual, low-code automation and integration environment. Easily connect all your applications, databases, teams, and processes―so you can deliver on growth marketing strategies in days, not months.

Finally, you can clear out your backlog by focusing less on coding, integrations, and maintenance and focusing more on growing revenue.

We can look across the end-to-end stack and connect any of our tools to gain total control. This is the next wave of what a marketing stack will look like and the Tray Platform lets us fulfil that vision.

David Dorman of Digital Ocean works with
David Dorman

Connect your stack with confidence for limitless growth marketing

Tray Platform users immediately get access to our entire comprehensive connector library, which includes all major growth marketing solutions, as standard - no hidden fees.

This includes apps for marketing, sales, support, payment processing, and finance - along with SQL/NoSQL, AWS, Azure, Big Data, and social.

Frictionlessly connect to any REST API with clicks-or-code. The platform is also built on elastic, serverless architecture to deliver data at enterprise scale.

Finally, execute growth marketing strategies without limits - no limits on connectors, user seats, or data scale.

Build and automate growth marketing programs with clicks-or-code

Drive more leads and improve conversions and funnel velocity using a completely visual, drag-and-drop builder that turns your tech stack into a multi-purpose growth marketing solution.

Connect your CRM, marketing platform, data warehouse, messaging app, enrichment tools, and any other applications, to quickly deliver growth marketing automation.

Rapidly automate processes such as audience building, intent-based lead routing, flagging at-risk opportunities, and targeting prospects who are ripe for activation.

Implement marketing growth strategies in days, not months

Build hyper-personalized campaigns by using automation to rapidly collect and deploy data.

Improve customer segmentation data and  automate Net Promoter Score (NPS) collection to auto-extract data to monitor and compare program results.

Reduce churn with rapid auto-renewals and tap into product usage data to act based on user engagement.

Easily build out all these processes into powerful automated workflows in minutes using clicks or code.

Accelerate testing + iteration of growth marketing strategies 10x

Quickly prototype and iterate growth marketing processes by using our drag-and-drop builder to integrate and automate any cloud-based tools in your stack.

Launch workflows from any application event, trigger, form, webhook, or API call. Easily build and iterate any process with your entire team with full undo/redo, rollback history, step descriptions.

Visually construct every trigger, loop, branch, nesting, and data mapping, all with just a few clicks.

Build collaboratively in real-time with your marketing, sales, and service teams

What is growth marketing without collaboration? The Tray Platform enables everyone to collaboratively create, share, see, and update any integration and automation.

With a web-native builder and enterprise-scale team functionality, it’s simple to share workflows, build together in real-time, track version changes, and share learnings with the rest of your team.