Event Streaming

Automate and integrate real-time event streams at 10X velocity

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Unleash the Power of Real-Time Data

Real-time data and event streams flowing from applications, infrastructure, and devices are more pervasive than ever. Yet tapping into it for automation, data integrations, or analytics is still painful. Building event-driven workflows that automatically act or turn real-time data into insights is often far beyond business users' reach.

The Tray Platform enables anyone to work with real-time data and event streams. An intuitive, low-code interface enables business users or technologists to visually build workflows that consume or route real-time event streams and messages fast and efficiently. An elastic serverless architecture scales instantly and frictionlessly, practically on any volume, turning event streams into a competitive advantage.

The Tray Platform routes hundreds of thousands of calls and events per day from Segment to our Marketo instance - enabling us to run smarter, more effective campaigns.

David Dorman of Digital Ocean works with Tray.io
David Dorman, Director of Growth and Demand Generation

Automate for event-streaming data at 10X velocity

Easily create workflows that process real-time application log streams, data from IoT platforms, message queues, eCommerce data, and more in just a few clicks. Connect event streams into your stack with a vast built-in library of connectors. Build any application or data integration that consumes or routes real-time streaming data with low-code speed and simplicity.

Instant connectivity to industry-leading message queues

Tray Platform provides integration with leading message queues such as Apache Kafka, IBM MQ, Rabbit MQ, and Amazon SQS. Connect to your queuing service in a few clicks, and begin receiving, deleting, and formatting messages. It's that easy.

Orchestrate event-driven streams with the Pub/Sub connector 

Turn a single event-stream into streams that seamlessly feed any number of automations and integrations using the built-in Pub/Sub connector. Maximize incoming events from webhooks, messages, or any other source by publishing them to any number of subscribing Tray Platform workflows.

All-in-one solution for streaming data into your analytics tools

Flowing data across your real-time analytics infrastructure just got easier, with Tray Platform support for Apache Spark, AWS Kinesis, Power BI, Databricks, and other services. Visual business logic includes loops, conditions, and scripts that provide low-code flexibility to dedupe, concatenate, and cleanse data.

Elastic serverless scalability to crunch the biggest event streams

Effortlessly stream at scale with a modern serverless platform that elastically processes nearly unlimited data volumes in parallel, without painful sizing and provisioning. It's the power you need to crunch event-based and streaming data via webhooks, message queues, native application events, or Pub/Sub.