Demand Generation

Elevate your demand generation strategies with visual automation

Save time and scale faster by moving from manual to automated lead generation with the Tray Platform.

simplify your process with the tray platform

Maximize ROI from your demand generation strategies with a visual, flexible, and powerful automation platform that connects all your demand generation tools as standard. Whether supercharging your lead nurturing flow, or upgrading to intelligent automated lead generation processes, the Tray Platform enables demand generation teams to run faster, smarter, and more-efficient campaigns that drive higher ROI.

Accelerate and automate any campaign-related and lead management process―lead enrichment, lead routing, lead-to-account matching, data integration for marketing metrics, and even upgrading prospect messaging and hyper-personalization at scale with data from any source. The Tray Platform brings all your demand generation tools together and centralizes processes, so you can drive more qualified leads and higher campaign ROI with less effort.

The Tray Platform gives us speed, agility, visibility, and cost savings. And better yet, it lets us be proactive with our marketing in a way that we couldn’t before. It has become a core part of our marketing infrastructure.

David Dorman of Digital Ocean works with
David Dorman, Director of Growth and Demand Generation

Execute demand generation strategies faster, more effectively, and at scale

Automate powerful marketing strategies such as lead-to-account matching, lead scoring, and even account-based marketing with the Tray Platform. Run more-targeted, data-driven campaigns that zero in on the hottest leads. Build custom lead nurturing workflows that more-effectively nurture leads based on specific inbound channel and funnel stage. And run hyper-personalized campaigns across multiple customer personas and lifecycle stages to increase engagement at scale for audiences of any size.

Drive the most campaign ROI with automated lead generation workflows

Boost leads, conversions, and grow pipeline by connecting all your lead generation automation tools. Marketing professionals trust the Tray Platform to drive more campaign ROI by automating time-consuming demand gen processes at scale. Intelligently automate lead uploads, instantly route leads through any enrichment or scoring app, and flag leads for correct attribution. By automating lead-to-account matching, routing, and follow-up in real time, marketers drive more-responsive campaigns that lead to higher conversion rates and more opportunities for sales to win deals. And they can use automation to holistically scale campaigns - and pipeline growth - as their audiences grow.

Orchestrate multi-stage campaigns with centralized campaign data

The Tray Platform’s seamless connectors let you confidently unify all marketing data across your demand generation tools and databases. Map in any standard or custom field, and break through traditional integration and automation roadblocks with totally visual construction, flexible triggers, advanced conditional logic, and powerful, multi-level loops. The Tray Platform automates data transfer, enrichment, and routing for even the most complex multi-channel campaigns so you can focus on demand generation strategies and driving higher ROI.