integrate your processes with the tray platform

Boost conversions and enable sales faster by auto-uploading CRM leads

Rapidly upload new leads with automation

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

Maximize followup, conversions, and campaign ROI by smoothly flowing every lead into your CRM from any source. Say goodbye to CRM leads sitting idle, buried in spreadsheets, and time wasted fixing fields or deduping accounts and leads. Easily build workflows on The Tray Platform that use real-time triggers to instantly act on incoming lead and account lists sent by your team submitted via email, FTP, or a variety of formats. Easy-to-build, completely visual automated workflows take care of the whole process, cleansing, enriching, de-duping, scoring, routing and uploading CRM leads on the fly. The Tray Platform seamlessly connects to your sales and marketing stack so that every lead import is flawlessly processed, synced, and standardardized. It’s the most powerful way to ensure every CRM lead rapidly enters your system and is ready to become a valuable opportunity ASAP.

The Tray Platform is powerful and flexible enough to rapidly manage huge amounts of data at enterprise scale.

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Fully automate your CRM lead and account list upload process

With so many new lead sources, including field events, campaigns, affiliates, and “Top 10 hot new company” lists, it’s easy for new leads, accounts, and updates to slip through the cracks. Use the Tray Platform to easily build workflows that empower your team to submit any lead list easily. Once they’ve submitted leads,’s General Automation Platform does the heavy lifting by instantly launching workflows that manage the entire lead upload process. Which empowers you to follow-up with leads immediately.

Instantly validate and auto-enrich every incoming lead or account

As part of the auto-import process, workflows automatically check the list for the right fields and format and can notify the sender if there’s an issue. Connect your existing lead enrichment tools, or incorporate your own enrichment logic visually, to lookup and update any field. Automation auto-corrects and standardizes data so that all CRM leads and accounts are always as complete as possible before they touch your CRM fields.

Deliver personalized messaging across the entire customer journey

Email personalization doesn’t end at the top of the funnel. The Tray Platform integrates your entire tech stack across pre-sales and post-sales cycles to incorporate top-funnel marketing touches, pre-sales conversations, and even customer support and helpdesk requests. Personalize email for early-stage prospects, new customer onboarding, and longtime customers to drive more opportunities, win more deals, and retain more happy customers.

Flawlessly de-dupe every CRM lead list upload

During import, the Tray Platform can connect to your CRM in real-time, validating and checking for duplicate accounts or leads based on any field, or any combination of standard and custom fields. Easily build out advanced conditional processing merges, replaces, or any other action to take place automatically as well as notifying senders with full reports of how leads were processed, accepted, rejected, or merged.

Instantly alert sales to the hottest leads

Connect every CRM lead upload to your existing lead scoring tools, or visually construct your own business logic to instantly route opportunities directly to sales that meet certain criteria, such as specific contact roles or account types. You can even give sales teams a timely heads-up via Slack, email, text, or any other channel, including contextual highlights directly in your message, a link to the opp in your CRM, and a ready-to-send, auto-generated personalized email.


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