Win more deals. Overcome any integration objection with “Yes”

Give your reps a shot in the arm with Tray Embedded—Integration Manager. Beat the competition, close more deals, and expand your addressable market.

Sales Teams

  • Go to market with greater confidence

  • Quickly prototype new integrations

  • Quote faster implementation times

  • Set customers up for success

woman with laptop succeeding at work with tray embedded

Supercharge every deal cycle with universal integrations

Unleash your sales team to target more verticals and move up-market. Deliver customer integrations with no custom coding or developer resources required.

Coverage: Hundreds of connectors to the most widely used SaaS applications Speed: Easy-to-use visual builder for your services team, no custom coding required Power: Support any volume demand with a platform that elastically scales Success: Deliver on POCs and accelerate time-to-value