Why Tray?

Scalable for mission-critical processes

Never outgrow the Tray Platform. Build on an enterprise-ready platform and never incur switching costs.

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By connecting our growth stack, we personalized messaging at scale for hundreds of thousands of customers and doubled our engagement rates.

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The Tray Platform is built to scale

We have taken great care to provide a platform and features that scale with your business.

  • Infinte Scalability Grey

    Infinite scalability

    Scale up or down for an unlimited number of workflow tasks.

  • automation-templates

    Data storage

    When building workflows, it is helpful to store data temporarily.

  • dashboard

    Real-time workflow processing

    Never a delay in the scheduled start time of the workflow or its execution.

  • connect fast

    Log data storage

    We store log data for you to inspect workflows that executed in the past.

  • automated retries with tray


    Know when a workflow process fails; customize how alerts are triggered.

  • connect fast


    See our Trust page for full details of security measures.

  • dashboard

    Roles-based access controls

    Full control of user access and permissions.

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