Why Tray?

Powerful enough for enterprise

The Tray Platform gives power users the flexibility to integrate apps and automate processes using preferred languages and tools.

Why Tray

The Tray Platform allows us to integrate two very important systems and achieve seamless and efficient workflows. We have also been impressed by how flexible and customer-centric the Tray team is. We’re glad to have a partner that is not only reliable but also easy to work with.

Vice President, Business Systems

Re-invent processes with flexible logical operators

Build complex multi-step, multi-app workflows with powerful conditional logic.

  • Grey Error Handling

    Error Handling

    Manage errors before they happen at every step of your workflows

  • Tray.io support boolean if/then conditional statements

    Boolean Condition

    Use powerful “if/then” logic and run part of your workflow only some of the time.

  • Workflows with branch functions automate even the most complex business needs


    Compare a single value against multiple different options and follow the match.

  • Identify loops and branches for easy identification with the Tray platform

    Loop Connection

    Extract fundamental key data points out of arrays or objects.

  • CSV processing is easy with the Tray.io platform

    CSV Editor

    Easily manipulate data sets on the fly with in-memory processing.

  • Write your own code and scripts for workflows with Tray.io


    Write custom code and execute a block of JavaScript code synchronously or asynchronously.

  • The Tray Pl boasts many robust functions like our CSV reader.

    CSV Reader

    Rapidly query, process, and extract from massive flat files in seconds.

  • Access stored data for steps in your workflows

    Data Storage

    Store data for recall between steps.

  • Tray.io offers HTTP client support for requests to URLs

    HTTP Client

    Make a REST-based request to a specified URL.

  • Tray.io's workflow structure allows you to connect, pass and segment the processes you choose

    Call Workflow

    Break up large workflows, pass data between workflows, and reuse one workflow in multiple workflows.

  • Set events to run when you want them with Tray


    Set a time delay on an event to begin when you need it.

  • Tray templates get your workflows up and running fast

    Mustache Template

    Use the template connector to pass data through a mustache template.

  • The Tray platform supports both FTP and SFTP servers

    FTP Client

    Download a file or list all files in a directory on both FTP and SFTP servers.

  • Automate email sending with Tray

    Send Mail

    Use a workflow to send emails to yourself or anyone else.

  • Flexible, scalable and customizable - use loops to personalize your workflow needs

    Break Loop

    Use with our Loop Connector to customize loops in your workflows

  • Process events immediately with Tray triggers

    Trigger Event Reply

    Get an immediate response from a webhook and process the data

  • Integrate the processes you need with the Tray XML decoder

    XML Decoder

    Transform XML into JSON - automatically

  • Testing single steps within a workflow is easy with Tray


    Test your workflows one step at a time

Tray Embedded enables teams to scale and increase retention

Dev friendly capabilities

Get the clicks-or-code functionality that your friends in dev or IT will appreciate.


Rollback History

Quickly see every change to your workflow - and instantly revert back with one click


Database connectors

Connect Postgres, AWS S3, Base, Firebase, MySQL, Redshift, etc.

Icon - Security

On-Premise Connectivity

Build workflows to connect apps in your data center with your cloud apps


SSO for the Enterprise

Securely log-in to the Tray Platform with SAML SSO.


Real-time logs

Run logs in real-time to spot small issues quickly.

Icon - Compliance

Advanced debugging of logs

Search and filter logs on any property for fast debugging.

Icon - Format

Customizable log retention

Customer defined log retention time to comply with your security policies.


Map data between historical steps

Use the data from any previous workflow step later in your workflow.


List handling

Lists at higher scale, including pagination, and volume.

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