Learn how to integrate your stack, yourself

Watch this demo recording to see how business professionals are automating processes without IT resources | 45 min


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Leading organizations are integrating their systems and automating their processes to grow revenues faster than average companies. According to benchmark research from analyst firm Aberdeen Group:

  • Best-in-class marketers are 74% more likely to have a strongly integrated system of marketing technology solutions
  • Sales streamliners increase company revenue at 2.2x the rate of all others, year-over-year

See integration and automation examples of common business processes that professionals in marketing, sales, support, and finance are building themselves.

What you'll learn:

  • How the director of demand generation at Outreach.io boosted sales and marketing productivity with workflow automation
  • How the VP of sales at Chartio surfaced hot leads from web chat to sales teams
  • How the finance director at Vestorly stoped non-paying clients from burning out support

Tray Webinar Speaker

Andrew Wiseman

Customer Success Engineer, Tray.io

In this demo, hosted by Andrew Wiseman, one of our expert automation engineers, you'll see what sort of integrations are possible with Tray. He'll cover how to build workflows for a few typical use cases in an informative, step-by-step demonstration.

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