Tray Automation Platform

Zapier alternative that delivers flexibility

Only the Tray Platform handles sophisticated business logic, supports batch imports/exports, can manage real-time automation, and elastic scalability. Schedule a demo today. is the automation platform for organizations with robust workflow and integration features


The Tray Platform surpasses Zapier in 3 critical ways.

  • 1 (1)

    Unlimited flexibility

    Visual low-code UX with unlimited business logic to automate any use case, without workarounds.

  • 2

    Workflow integrity

    Quickly trace errors with step-by-step debugging, real-time logs, and analytics to iterate faster with confidence.

  • 3

    Elastic scalability

    Modern, serverless architecture elastically scales up instantly to automate millions of records rapidly, without limits.

The customer-centric low-code automation platform

See why G2 named a Best IT Infrastructure Product for 2022 and 96% of Gartner® Peer Insights™ reviewers recommend the Tray Platform.

G2 Leader Fall 2023

Transforming over 47,000+ organizations

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