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A MuleSoft alternative that doesn’t slow you down

Don’t wait for the mule. Build API integrations 10X faster with the Tray Platform.

Waiting months for integrations and automations delivered at mule-speed is painful. Build with 10X productivity using the easy-to-use API-first Tray Platform, so everyone can drive growth.

Supercharge integration velocity with the Tray Platform

  • Empower anyone to build automations faster

  • Connect to much more. As standard

  • Scale-up without the hassle, with a serverless architecture

Cut down on the code. Build at 10X velocity

Build faster with less code. The Tray Platform’s builder provides a full flowchart-like drag and drop integration development experience. Coding, optional.

Unleash citizen automators. Now anyone can build with automation Helpers, simple-to-use debugging, and tools that make troubleshooting easy.

Create, collaboratively. Crush the backlog with a web-based UX so teams can build, share, edit, and version workflows in real-time.

Enable anyone to tap into APIs (No CS degree required)

Connect to any REST, SOAP, or GraphQL API in just a few clicks with the universal connector.

Get more connectors, as standard. 400+ included—no additional connector fees, ever.

Event-based integrations made easy. Launch automations in real-time from any event: emails, forms, apps, webhooks, and databases.

Scale-up without the vCore hassle—with a modern serverless platform

Get total elasticity. Contemporary serverless architecture eliminates processing and performance capacity worries. No vCore complexity required.

Usage-based flexibility. Scale up to billions of transactions in an instant.

Scale frictionlessly. Run 100s of automations with any workloads, without the sizing hassles.

Automation + integration platform for your team


Connect to anything

Access every endpoint

Automate any event


Visual and intuitive UX

Clicks-or-code automation

Collaborative development


Logical operators

Advanced capabilities

Real-time logs


Logical operators

Advanced capabilities

Real-time logs



Built-in 2FA + full encryption

Role-based access

The Tray Platform gives us speed, agility, visibility, and cost savings. And better yet, it lets us be proactive with our marketing in a way that we couldn’t before. It has become a core part of our marketing infrastructure.

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Enterprises and rapidly growing firms trust the Tray Platform

Learn about our customers and how they use our easy drag-and-drop interface to build their dream automations.

  • AdRoll trusts with their workflows
  • Copper trusts with their automation
  • DigitalOcean recommends as a partner and customer
  • Invision is a happy customer of
  • Forbes marketing department depends on
  • Udemy use to eliminate redundant tasks
  • Outreach uses to integrate and automate their cloud stack
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