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  • AdRoll trusts with their workflows
  • Copper trusts with their automation
  • DigitalOcean recommends as a partner and customer
  • Invision is a happy customer of
  • Forbes marketing department depends on
  • Udemy use to eliminate redundant tasks
  • Outreach uses to integrate and automate their cloud stack
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Automation is always better when you can do more, connect to more, and get your questions answered, faster. Easily create automated, 100% visual workflows across your Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps and databases with a platform that delivers trusted performance, availability, and hands-on customer support.

Fast-growing companies and enterprises are choosing to gain the following benefits:

Upgrade to drag-and-drop visual workflows 

with an intuitive automation designer that visually describes each step of your automation, every step, branch, and loop, with no code required, so you can build faster.

Connect your Microsoft investments—and much more

 with hundreds of connectors for any cloud app and database, REST or SOAP API. Directly connect to Microsoft Dynamics, Azure, and Office, and integrate them with the rest of your stack.

Get predictable performance and availability

 with the Tray Platform’s serverless design and elastic scalability. Enjoy uptime and responsiveness you can depend on in production―we even post it at

 Debug faster

with a completely transparent visual builder and in-depth debugging tools.

We designed the Tray Platform so you can find fix problems faster with flexible search options, undo/redo, and in-depth version histories for each workflow to help you quickly locate exactly when and where issues occured.

Real technical support included, as standard

with our responsive customer success team. Never waste cycles waiting for answers on forums.

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