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Learn about our customers and how they use our easy drag-and-drop interface to build their dream automations.

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  • Copper trusts with their automation
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Meet more automated organizations > product can flexible and can handle complex workflows

You need new app integrations and automation all the time. You don’t need You don’t need developer and coding bottlenecks. Take the Tray challenge: We’re confident you’ll connect your apps, and databases much faster―with all the flexibility you need. Complete visual workflow building as standard, universal API connectivity, and coding optional (but not required)—Tray empowers your developers and business users to integrate and automate anything.

Fast-growing companies and enterprises are choosing to gain the following benefits:

Visual integration for both developers and business users

with the Tray Platform’s full-featured builder. Create complete, drag-and-drop integrations and automation as standard—no extra cost or coding skills required.

Every connector included, no additional fees

with full access to our extensive library. Creating the integrations you need shouldn’t mean paying more each time. Access our entire catalog of app and database connectors, included with every plan.

Total business logic flexibility, minus the complexity

with our powerful builder, which lets you build loops, conditional branches, or data transformations by dragging and dropping. Fast-track projects without needing to code.

Easy to maintain

with visual, single-workflow structure. Maintaining separate mappings, transformations, formulas, and APIs is usually hard. The Tray Platform lets you put every integration and automation into a single workflow you can easily update visually―so making changes is always simple and centralized.

Intuitive for business users, powerful for developers

with a drag-and-drop interface supported by the built-in capability to add JavaScript anywhere needed. The Tray Platform is easy for anyone, and thanks to its optional JavaScript, comprehensive triggers, Universal REST and SOAP API connectors, and a full set of APIs, your developers will love Tray too.

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enterprise solutions to integrate and automate api from

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