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A Cloud Elements alternative that accelerates your time-to-market

Don’t spend months adding integration to your product. Choose Tray Embedded.

Energize developer velocity with the first true low-code embeddable integration platform. Tray Embedded enables product teams to add integrations to meet market demand near instantly.

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Meet customer needs for integration fast, easily, flexibly

  • Fast-track GTM with a rapidly embeddable low-code integration platform

  • Choose integration power that maximizes developer productivity

  • Scale-up easily to meet customer demand with a serverless architecture

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Seamlessly embed integration power, faster

Rapidly add integration to your product. Pre-built Configuration Wizard IFrame simplifies customer-activated integrations directly in your product UX

Get more integration velocity. Create sophisticated integrations, with loops, branches, nesting, transformations, error-handling visually, with way less code.

Reduce your GTM costs. Superior visual workflow builder streamlines debugging, tracing, changes, and customizations for developers, support, and service teams.

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Integration tools that developers will love

More connectors included standard. Paying more for connectors crushes margins. Access our entire connector library in visual workflows or via API.

Fast, deep look and feel control. White-label fast using CSS or take complete control using comprehensive Tray Platform GraphQL API.

Maximum reusability. Low maintenance. Build workflows visually with optional inline code once, then deploy to all customers instantly with Template Builder.

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Scale-up without the hassle with a modern serverless platform

More elasticity. Contemporary serverless architecture eliminates processing and performance capacity worries as you add customers.

Usage-based flexibility. Scale up to billions of transactions in an instant.

Frictionless scalability. Run 1000s of customer integrations without sizing worries.

Automation + integration platform for your team



Connect to anythingAccess every endpointAutomate any event



Visual and intuitive UX Clicks-or-code automationCollaborative development



Logical operatorsAdvanced capabilitiesReal-time logs



Elastic scalabilityParallel processingLog data storage



Secure (SOC2 II, GDPR, HIPAA)Built-in 2FA + full encryptionRole-based access

The Tray Platform gives us speed, agility, visibility, and cost savings. And better yet, it lets us be proactive with our marketing in a way that we couldn’t before. It has become a core part of our marketing infrastructure.

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David Dorman, Director of Growth and Demand Generation, DigitalOcean
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