5 Megatrends in Integration and Automation

Enterprise leaders who want to turn megatrends into growth in 2022 need to read below.

Enterprises are undergoing radical change. Leaders are identifying more integration opportunities to help scale and grow their organization. Below are 5 megatrends in integration and automation that are leading the charge.

5 Megatrends in Integration and Automation

If you would like to learn more about how the five disruptive megatrends are affecting enterprises through 2025, access our on-demand webinar below. 

The future of integration is here: Are you ready?

Watch this on-demand webinar with Tray.io's CEO Rich Waldron and Segment's Head of Business Technology Justin Tung on how low-code automation is changing the industry.

Justin Tung

Justin Tung

Head of Business Technology

Rich Waldron, Co-founder & CEO

Rich Waldron

Co-founder & CEO

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