Modern process automation and data integration for IT teams

Connect any app. Automate any process. Deliver integrations at 10X velocity—all with total governance and control.

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There are more apps, databases, and tools across the system landscape than ever. And IT teams face a growing backlog of integration demands to connect it all—from connecting Marketing, Sales, and Finance apps, to data integration for analytics. Not to mention manual IT work that should be automated. Unfortunately, custom-coding and legacy developer-heavy tools take too long and create maintenance headaches. The Tray Platform is different, enabling any integration or process automation at 10X velocity. The Tray Platform includes over 600 connectors and plugs into any app, database, API, from the cloud to on-premises. IT, Architects, Business Systems Technologists and Business Operations Managers can quickly create and deploy integrations with a modern, flexible visual builder. They can even extend integration development to business teams. Built-in governance, security, and management enable scaling with complete operational control, visibility, and integrity.

Traditional integration tools have a large overhead, require a dedicated team, and a strong ongoing sustenance model. The Tray Platform is the other way: more user-friendly and easier to scale up.

Sunita Raja, Head of Business Technology

Clear your integration project backlog at 10X velocity

Answer integration or automation needs fast. Prototype and iterate in minutes with a drag-and-drop builder and launch workflows on any event, schedule, form submission, and more. Connect, click, automate, and integrate over 600+ apps, like Salesforce, NetSuite, Marketo, SQL databases, and more. The Tray Platform includes powerful API integration that works with any microservice, REST, SOAP, or GraphQL to quickly and easily connect anything. Securely integrate any app, database, or homegrown system—from cloud to on-premises.

Shift from point-to-point integrations to centralized and unified solutions

Point-to-point integrations, custom coding, and one-offs create an IT maintenance nightmare and add technical debt. The Tray Platform visual integration builder makes it simple to build and maintain integrations centrally that include sophisticated logic, like loops, nesting, branches, callable workflows, data transformations, and much more. Better yet, versioning, undo/redo, and sandboxes provide strong lifecycle management to improve control, release management, and integrity.

Transform user provisioning and management with automation

Get away from manually provisioning users. Instead, build an automated employee or contingent worker provisioning process using the Tray Platform―and then put it into action. Tray Platform connects to common HRIS/HCM apps like BambooHR, ADP, Ultimate, Ceridian, Workday. Auto-sync user information, department, effective date, custom fields into IAMs like Okta, Auth0, Azure AD, OneLogin, Ping Identity, or any other app in your stack in real-time.

Data integration to accelerate data warehousing and analytics initiatives

Extracting data to support business analytics projects is often painful and repetitive. Use the Tray Platform to quickly integrate data from apps to Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, and many other SQL and NoSQL databases. Easily map any field, and create sophisticated multi-step data flows that combine, aggregate, conditionally process, transform and enrich any data set. Efficiently process large data volumes with practically unlimited parallel processing.

 Make every integration more robust with complete ops management

Eliminate wasted time spent hunting for reasons integrations failed. Instead, continuously monitor integrations with built-in real-time log streaming to tools like Datadog, Sentry, Redshift, New Relic to track performance, executions, and trends. Searchable logs simplify filtering criteria like executions before or after a specific date or specific workflow steps. In addition, visual automated error handling enables branching, continuation, or notification on any execution condition.


Democratize integration development, with complete control

Don’t build, democratize—shift integration and automation projects from IT to autonomous business teams within a full-featured governance and control framework. Tray Platform Workspaces provide secure, team-based collaborative workflow development and granular permissions, controls, and sharing, to achieve automation at scale. Low-code development, visual Helpers, reusable shared business logic, and nested workflows enable teams to compose automations fast.

Scale integrations elastically and reliably with a modern architecture

Legacy tools require sizing and deploying expensive worker nodes. The Tray Platform is completely serverless for elastic scalability, dynamically scaling up on the fly to easily handle high-volume event-based integrations and demand surges. Built-in API queuing and API-retry logic ensure reliable processing. In addition, the Tray Platform integrates with standard Message Queues like AWS MQ, IBM MQ, and platforms like Kafka for robust event-stream processing.

Increase security, trust, and compliance for every integration

Speed integrations and elevate your security posture. The Tray Platform provides the utmost security as standard with SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, encryption of all data, authentication, and tokens. Two-factor authentication, advanced session management, and flexible log data retention elevate trust and security. The Tray Platform is entirely compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and GDPR and meets all data privacy requirements. For more information, visit