Transform user provisioning and management with automation

Reduce time, effort, and risk. Automate Joiner, Mover, Leaver (JML) processes fast with the Tray Platform

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

Employee provisioning, change management, and de-provisioning is often manual and painful—and it quickly drains valuable resources across IT and HR. There's a better way. Tray Platform connects across your HR systems, Identify Access Management (IAM) tools, and all your stack to make it simple to automate every user change, so you don't have to. Get automated user management in days, not months.

The Tray Platform makes it simple to automate any user process, quickly and visually centrally—trigger automation on any event―from new hire to change of status and offboarding. Sync any user information across your apps. Even create a self-service employee experience, from submission to approval steps and email confirmation. Build any user automation with low-code ease and velocity.

Using the Tray Platform, we not only save hours of manual work, but we’re also scaling onboarding and employee account provisioning with automation so that we can focus on the bigger picture for strategic HR initiatives such as benefits, orientations, and career development.

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Centrally automate every Joiner, Mover, Leaver (JML) process. Fast.


Tray Platform provides a complete low-code automation platform so you can put employee lifecycle management on cruise control, from provisioning to change management to offboarding. A low-code builder makes it simple to drag-and-drop create JML automations that integrate with your HRIS, Identity Access Management tools, and all your apps. Event-based workflows automatically trigger to complete user management work—validating, routing approvals, and configuring the change across your stack. 

Sync your HRIS/HCM and IAM and auto-provision in real-time


Build your employee or contingent worker auto-provisioning process visually―and then put it into action. Tray Platform connects to common HRIS/HCM apps like BambooHR, ADP, Ultimate, Ceridian, Workday, and others to auto-sync user information, department, effective date, custom fields into your IAM or to any other app in your stack in real-time. Even use flexible business logic to auto-email employees or managers to complete the request, requiring no IT effort.

Powerful automation for your Identity Access Management (IAM) tooling


Tray Platform automatically provides bi-directional integration with leading IAMs like Okta, Azure AD, Ping Identity, OneLogin, Auth0, and others. Deep API integration with IAM standard and custom fields, policies, attributes, and roles, make it simple to securely auto-query or update any user record in real-time based. Trigger an IAM integration on any event or from any other system―whether an update in your HRIS/HCM system, Slack, or Chatbot request. 


Automatically create IT onboarding ticket when a candidate is hired in your ATS

Watch this video to learn how to automate your employee onboarding process by creating an IT ticket as soon as a candidate is marked as hired in your application tracking system using the Tray Platform.

Propagate user changes across your stack using 600+ built-in connectors


Get a complete connector library that plugs into all your apps, databases, and other tools to sync user changes everywhere. Tray Platform synchronizes user information across your stack to any marketing, Sales, HR, Services, or more app. Tray Platform connectors work with standard or custom fields and connect to any REST, SOAP, or GraphQL API. Powerful helpers transform, merge, map, and manipulate any user field across your apps.

Complete auditable transparency and visibility into every user change


Manual processes make tracking changes hard. Upgrade your employee provisioning, change management, and de-provisioning with automation that logs every change and provides a complete searchable audit trail and detailed logs. Tray Platform automation can even include visual error handling to notify IT or HR Ops of any execution issue immediately or auto-branch to take action. Hence, everyone is on the same page.

Upgrade employee experience with self-service change management


What if practically every JML process or request was self-service and fulfilled automatically? Tray Platform integrates with Slack, Teams, or any other Chatbot, or just a custom web form, so that you users or managers can request changes—from requesting access to an application, a password reset, to a change in permissions. Let Tray Platform workflows do the rest, so you don't have to―triggering automation that reads from or updates any app or database, routes approvals, and auto-notifies the requestor with the result.

Trusted and compliant user automation management


Manage all provisioning, de-provisioning, and change management with total confidence. The Tray Platform provides the utmost security as standard with SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, encryption of all data, authentication, and tokens. Two-factor authentication, advanced session management, and flexible log data retention elevate trust and security. The Tray Platform is entirely compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and GDPR and meets all data privacy requirements. For more information, visit