Deliver customer success: automate processesProvide successful after-care programs and support to keep customers coming back.


Tray enables better cross-team collaboration, easier sharing of data in real time, and transparency across the client lifecycle.

Mike Atwood

Executive Director of Client Success

Vox Media connects and automates pre- and post-sales to streamline workflow

Improves efficiency, transparency, and cross-team collaboration by integrating project management tools and CRM software.


Support-level segmentation by account value

Quickly determine if an account requesting support is a free or paying user.

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Manage support service-level agreements by payment status

Integrate your online payment software to your support CRM platform to ensure customer support is intelligently prioritized.

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Customer payment status alerting

Create notifications from events in your subscription management platform.


Keep sales and support in-sync

Sync ticket and account data bi-directionally so that support and sales reps have a full picture of customer needs and health.


Uncover customer churn risk and upsell opportunity

Connect customer-level product usage data to account and contact records in your CRM.

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Centralize support related customer interactions from different channels

Integrate customer conversations from web chat into customer service software.

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Provide customers answers on product bug and enhancements requests

Integrate bug tracking or software development tools to customer support applications.

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Broaden visibility of customer health

Integrate data from customer satisfaction surveys, including net promoter score, into sales and support software.

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