Integrate and automate to streamline sales and close more deals fasterTray streams buying signals and sales updates directly to sales reps’ fingertips.

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Tray is a great product that has really opened up a lot of doors for us.

Tom Melbourne

VP Sales

Deliver a winning message

Gain insights from all data available—from any source, anywhere—about a prospect, including: account level, demographic, and behavior data to truly put Tray’s multi-app integration to work for you.

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Increase your RFP win rate

Provide visibility and lead time to key RFP contributors, from within their systems of choice.

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Improve the post-sales process

Pave the way for a smooth customer journey by integrating your CRM, task management, and customer support software.

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Best-in-class automated sales organizations increase productivity and revenue

Aberdeen Group: “The Competitive Edge In Effectively Streamlined Sales Workflows.”


Personalize your selling

To create more sales opportunities, marketing and sales must demonstrate a deep and personalized understanding of their user base.


Master account-based sales development

Get interactive insights from ABSD pioneer Lars Nilsson to grow outbound response rates and win bigger deals.

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