Integrate your marketing stack and grow your impactBy automating your processes you'll not only save time, but also improve revenue growth and efficiency.

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Tray is the modern-day router of data between our marketing and sales tools. Unlike most integrations, with tray we're able to easily and logically transform Segment's firehose of data into a meaningful format Marketo can ingest. With nearly a flip of the switch, and zero engineering resources, tray routes hundreds of thousands of identify calls and events per day to our Marketo instance - enabling us to run smarter, more effective campaigns.

David Dorman

Director of Marketing and Demand Generation Supports Incredible Growth by Closing Workflow Gaps

Improves productivity by integrating and automating processes across Slack, Salesforce, Marketo, Google Sheets, email, CSV files, data storage, MailLift, web forms, and G2 Crowd


Automate the flow of data across your marketing stack

Scale your growth by unlocking insights, without engineering resources

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Learn How Marketing Teams are Customizing App Integrations to Boost Growth and Efficiency

Aberdeen Group: “The State of Marketing Technology: Controlling the Chaos.”


Northwell Health Automates Event Management Workflow for Outreach Program

Improves efficiency, accuracy and collaboration by using Tray to integrate Google Forms with Asana


Mix data from sales and marketing for a powerful cocktail

Deliver the prospect insight that your sales team craves

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Integrate and automate lead management processes

Transition from manual to automated processes and see your lead flow and conversion rates grow.


Deliver rich data to your customer success team

Marketing has the data to help retain and grow your customer base. Unleash it.

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Data-driven Marketing: Be Smarter with Segment and Marketo

To get the most out of marketing, teams collect as much data on users as possible to take action with targeted, relevant content.


Integrate Segment and Marketo

Streamline your data flow between Segment & Marketo, and run effective marketing campaigns.

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