Integrate Asana with SalesforceStandardise your CRM processes with a seamless Asana project & task integration.

Get A Demo was extremely proactive and helpful in working with us on developing an integrated solution between Salesforce and Asana to maintain our single system of record. was a true partner in coming up with a solution that met the business, technical and commercial requirements we had, and they were extremely responsive in addressing questions as they arose.

Carl McCauly

Senior Vice President of Sales

Create Asana Projects for your Accounts & Opportunities

Automatically create Asana projects for every Account, Opportunity (or custom object) in Salesforce. Pass the Salesforce data that matters seamlessly into Asana, and keep it updated in real-time.

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Automate Your Task Lists

Don't settle for simple project creations. Let tray create a standard set of tasks for every Salesforce Account, and even (getting smart here) selectively create different tasks based on data that exists in Salesforce.

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Sync Asana Back to Salesforce

Different people live out of different tools. Sync Asana data back into Salesforce as “activities” and let your Sales Director get a quick overview in Salesforce, while your implementation team works out of Asana.

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