Delight new and existing customers. Deliver integrations 10x faster.

Solve integrations once and for all with Tray Embedded—Native. Extend your product, free development resources, and increase customer satisfaction.

Product & Engineering Teams

  • Rapidly prototype and productize integrations

  • Drive speed, efficiency, and margin

  • Increase user engagement and satisfaction

  • Effortlessly scale to meet any demand

woman with laptop succeeding at work with tray embedded

Tray Embedded is the rocket fuel that lets us deliver integrations in days, not months, freeing up our resources to focus on building a best-in-class product

Jordan Spivack headshot
Jordan Spivack, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Drive retention and growth with universal integrations

Free product and engineering resources to focus on core initiatives by delivering custom and reusable integrations without developer resources.

Extensible: Embeddable wizard for end-users matching your product look and feel Reusable: Repackage and reuse integrations to drive speed and profitability Flexible: Connect to any SaaS application or web service Scalable: Support any volume demand with a platform that elastically scales