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Supercharge your clients' processes, automate reporting, and run leaner and faster with the low-code Tray Platform

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

Client expectations change constantly. Marketing agencies need to keep up. Clients are digitally transforming their stacks and processes and looking to their agencies to connect and optimize it all. Clients want timely dashboards and analytics, and they expect a modern, fast, and personalized onboarding experience that sets the stage for success. So many marketing agencies rely on manual processes or code that they’re draining margins and missing a unique opportunity to drive revenue.

Set your marketing agency apart with the industry's most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use integration and automation platform. The low-code Tray Platform is easy, powerful, and flexible, with unlimited connectivity, so you can quickly meet, then beat client expectations. Integrate digital stacks at scale. Put client reporting and dashboards on cruise control. Create automated client and employee onboarding so everyone can drive results faster. Automate your agency processes―from lead management to renewals. It's never been easier to drive margins, deliver new services, and delight clients with the Tray Platform.

The Tray Platform proved indispensable in our efforts to grow customer revenue and deliver actionable insights by unifying essential data.

Jonathan Staton
Jonathan Staton, Data Analyst
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Drive revenue, project profitability, and retention

Drive revenue and grow margins by efficiently delivering on any client app, database integration need, or automation requirement in days, not months. The Tray Platform is a visual, low-code tool that’s easy enough for anyone to use. Accelerate client onboarding with automation that provisions new clients in every system right after signing. Enable client dashboards and project reporting with the easiest most flexible data integration. Get unlimited connectors for marketing, sales, and service to tackle any client or agency process. 

Effortlessly deliver KPIs, dashboards, and analytics

Creating client reports, dashboards, and analytics that show your value can crush your team when they’re stuck manually pulling data from multiple sources. Use the Tray Platform to automate the process by connecting your stack or your clients' apps and auto-extracting data for reporting using pre-built connectors. Robust data integration makes it simple to combine, transform, and normalize data. Load any analytics tool automatically on any schedule to cut days from client reporting―and deliver comprehensive KPIs that are key for retention. Simply do more in a lot less time.

Activate new revenue streams by automating your clients’ processes, fast

Automation is one of the hottest client requirements. Whether your agency is media and advertising, e-commerce, or digital marketing, it's never been easier to enable clients to run better with the Tray Platform low-code workflow builder. Digital marketing agencies can quickly orchestrate advanced lead management, lead routing, scoring, multi-touch attribution, and campaign ROI analytics across any MarTech stack. e-commerce marketing agencies can integrate their clients' stacks to streamline website integrations to third-party apps and other technologies for an effortless customer journey.

Delight clients and employees with accelerated automated onboarding

Kick off your client engagements with fast, automated, and responsive onboarding. Use Tray Platform workflows to auto-configure clients in your accounting, billing, and project management system, all based on your CRM, quotes, and SOW's, without rekeying. Deliver trigger-based welcome, project milestone, and check-in email nurtures to maximize engagement. Facilitate employee onboarding, change management, and offboarding using automations that auto-create, change, and delete accounts across your employee systems.

Automate any process from lead management to billing and invoicing

MarTech, CRM, media-planning tools, research tools, project management software, HR, and time and expense platforms are critical for every agency. But relying on manual processes to link them together can quickly bog down teams. The Tray Platform empowers all staff to automate their agency’s lead management processes to cost-effectively drive new client opps. Easily connect time and expense apps and create end-to-end billing and invoicing integrations that cut the effort, errors, and speed receivables. It’s the secret to letting your team focus on what matters ―billable client engagements. easy to use drag-and-drop product UI

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