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Time to supercharge financial services’ digital transformation

Advance digital banking, customer experience, and employee engagement with a low-code integration and automation platform that accelerates every initiative

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Instantly connect to any API, empower business and technical users to securely and collaboratively build with the Tray Platform

Digital transformation in banking, adapting to shifting customer behavior, and adjusting to growing regulatory complexity and M&A all require integration and automation at exceptional velocity and efficiency.

Optimizing customer experience across channels, increasing customer value through personalized financial products and services, and tapping into the promise of open banking can drive game-changing value.

Yet getting there with traditional API management and ETL tools costs millions in developer resources, and takes way too long. 

The Tray Platform is the revolution fintech needs. It provides modern, secure low-code integration and automation that is  powerful, flexible, scalable, yet easy to use.

Some of the world’s leading enterprises rely on the Tray Platform to orchestrate processes across their fintech stacks, connecting customer, employee, and transactional data to innovate faster and more efficiently.

Instantly connect to any API, empower business and technical users to securely and collaboratively build at 10X velocity, and scale up elastically to any volume with the Tray Platform.

Implementing the Tray Platform has improved deliverability about 30%, with open rates increasing by about 26% and click-through rates by about 9%.

Caryn Ryan - Senior Consumer Marketing Manager

Easily personalize the customer experience across every step

Drive more customer value faster with flexible low-code integration and automation that puts retail banking marketers in control. Build automated, personalized campaigns based on every step in the customer journey. Create high-performing cross-sell and up-sell promotions that deliver targeted financial offers automatically. Trigger customer email outreach based on any interaction across any channel—without developer resources. Intuitive integration makes it simple to tap into any customer, marketing, or banking data across any app or database, and turn it into automated workflows.

Deliver digital banking transformation faster

Build any financial services automation at 10X velocity by securely tapping into any API across banking, trading systems, customer, or homegrown applications. Drive more engaging, streamlined employee processes. Connect HR, benefits, and payroll apps with workflows that accelerate onboarding, offboarding, and change management. Quickly tap into APIs for digital payments, mobile apps, virtual currencies to innovate banking services. Do it all quickly and independently. 

Unlock the value of open banking with instant API integration

APIs are at the center of open banking. They help streamline lending and business loans, enable new payment methods through PSD2, and unlock consumer banking, transaction, and other financial data, across banks and other financial institutions. The Tray Platform permits business users and technologists to quickly and securely connect to any REST, SOAP, or GraphQL API across investment, insurance, trading, banking services, and risk management apps, with low-code ease. Instantly access any API and authenticate in just a few clicks to build flexible workflows that connect any process, using any data source.

Fast-track analytics initiatives from banking to insurance with data integration

Quickly populate any cloud data warehouse from any source to analyze loan, credit risk, SBA PPP lending, customer profitability, customer service, and churn, at lightning speed to fuel any analytics tool. The Tray Platform includes intuitive ETL and data prep functionality to map, transform, and aggregate any financial services data, sans tapped out technical resources. Paired with a modern serverless architecture, institutions can elastically process billions of transactional records on-demand, with no provisioning required.

Integration with advanced cybersecurity and resilience built into the core

Cybersecurity is top of mind with CISOs and cyber-risk leaders. The Tray Platform includes the utmost security as standard with SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, encryption of all data, authentication, and tokens. Two-factor authentication, advanced session management, and flexible log data retention further elevate trust and security. Completely compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and GDPR, the Tray Platform meets enterprise-grade data privacy requirements.