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Automate your customer journey and drive revenue with the Tray Platform

Power every step of the customer journey: interest, intent, purchase, and engagement with low-code integration and automation for your entire e-commerce stack

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

Customers expect a highly personalized, consistent experience across web, mobile, email, and social. Yet multiple channels and e-commerce apps can quickly create an order management and fulfillment nightmare. Reaping the benefits of personalization and boosting cart conversion rates requires weaving your e-commerce stack and customer data together more tightly and intelligently. And forget about reporting and analyzing business performance with a mass of spreadsheets and other data sources.  How does automation fit in?

The Tray Platform provides a single, low-code integration and automation solution that connects and orchestrates all the data and processes across your stack. Easily connect your web, e-commerce apps, ERP, CRM, payments, inventory management systems, and more. Automate any process: order management, fulfillment, returns management, ticketing, or reporting. Power up marketing performance and customer experience using data from any system to drive timely, responsive personalization. Let your operations and marketing teams take control. 

The Tray Platform proved indispensable in our efforts to grow customer revenue and deliver actionable insights by unifying essential e-commerce data.

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Jonathan Staton, Data Analyst
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Fast-track omnichannel order management and fulfillment

Automate your order-to-fulfillment process, cut the manual effort, and delight your customers with fast, accurate orders.  The low-code Tray Platform makes it simple to connect web, e-commerce platforms, point of sale, payment gateways, ERP, billing, invoicing, WMS, inventory management, shipping, returns management systems, and other systems in your stack at lightning speed. Give your business users the power to integrate any app, API, or customization and visually automate any process fast, without developers or IT.

Sync data across your stack

Automatically ensure all your e-commerce apps consistently have the latest data for the best customer experience. The Tray Platform enables bi-directional sync for your product catalog, items, pricing, content, contact, and customer information between your CRM, ERP, Commerce system, and across locations. Easily add enrichment to any customer data to improve accuracy in every app. Modernize your stack more quickly with data integration that makes e-commerce migrations simple.

Increase conversion and CSAT with chat and helpdesk integration

Add chatbots to your site powered by the latest visitor, customer, cart, promotion, and product information to maximize outcomes. The Tray Platform flows data from any app into any chatbot for the most personalized, engaging experience. Automate responses to commonly asked questions, and deploy workflows that trigger personalized chats or emails based on customer behavior on your site. Streamline helpdesks with workflows that trigger notifications, escalations, and ticket assignments based on any interaction from any channel.

Take your analytics game to the next level with data integration

Save time on e-commerce reporting and get complete visibility into funnel performance, abandonment, upsell, and conversion. The Tray Platform integrates all the data and metrics across your marketing channels and websites, including search, PPC, affiliate, email, and social.  Finally, unlock the global analytics, KPIs, and reporting to boost business performance, without all the spreadsheets. The Tray Platform makes it simple to create your always up-to-date cloud data warehouse.

Upgrade your multichannel marketing campaign ROI with personalization

Turn up your email marketing performance and boost open-rate and click-throughs with automated workflows that let anyone create segmented, timely, and targeted campaigns based on the latest customer data and web or mobile interaction. Power marketing campaigns with data from your e-commerce, CRM, ERP, and marketing automation system. Use workflows that re-engage customers and nurture them based on past purchase history, promotions, website interaction, abandonment, and any data.

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