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The professional guide to revenue operations

Get your revenue stack in the game!

2020 is the year of the RevOps team, which supports sales, marketing, and service operations. Of course, each department has its own processes and uses different apps. Learn how to build a world champion tech stack that will get you to the major leagues.

What's in the guide?

  • Chapter 1: The professional guide to revenue ops - Key use cases and challenges for operations professionals in marketing, sales, and customer ops, strategic overviews of tech stack building, procurement, adoption, enablement, best-of-breed vs. platform, build vs. buy, and much, much more

  • Chapter 2: The practical guide to building a tech stack for revenue ops - The most important challenges and considerations for acquiring new technology and specific tactics to select the best apps that fit your use cases, and expedite procurement and implementation

  • Chapter 3: How to align your tech stack with your organization - In-depth discussion on how to go into every acquisition with an organizational plan that aligns you with key stakeholders in IT procurement, security, legal, and the executive suite, as well as how to drive actual ownership and accountability that leads to adoption and ROI

  • Chapter 4: How to build an operations team and career - Set yourself up for success with strong cross-functional relationships, learn how to take the lead on major initiatives, get better acquainted with changing business technology trends, and manage an operations team with the right expectations and a culture that lasts

You’ll learn these valuable tactics

  • Identify the top challenges in operations - and how they affect your organization

  • Acquire new technology based on the best fit for your use case

  • Expedite procurement and implementation

  • Drive ROI and adoption for new technology

  • Align new and existing technology to your organization

  • Create and manage an operations team

  • Build an operational strategy that incorporates people, process, and technology

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