Make Customer Insights Actionable with Product Usage Data ebook by

Take action on valuable product usage data

Powerful insights to retain customers, market better, and sell more

Are you utilizing the power of customer data? This guide will show you how to automate product usage data into just-in-time messaging across the full customer journeyonboard and provision new customer accountsprevent customer churn, and sell more.

What’s in the guide?

  • What is product usage data?

  • How to properly capture product usage data

  • Solving the integrated stack puzzle

  • How to use automation flow product usage data

  • Specific, actionable use cases for marketing, sales, and support

Learn how to utilize product usage data to get full visibility into your customer decision journey, send customized, just-in-time messaging, scale onboarding, and drive more sales revenue. Download the guide now.

You’ll learn these valuable tactics:

  • How to solve the problem of non-actionable data

  • How to build an integrated product usage stack

  • Use case: Rapid on-boarding and provisioning of new customers

  • Use case: Relevant, just-in-time messaging across the customer journey

  • Use case: Prevent churn and drive up-sells symbol the motis


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